COVID-19 Related Updates

  • Vehicle Admission Sticker is REQUIRED. When the park office is closed, daily or annual park stickers may be purchased at the self-registration station.
  • Bathrooms are OPEN.
  • Camping is available. ALL campsites are reservable.
  • Face coverings are required when inside any building if you are not vacinated.

For more information visit:

Please be considerate to all. Practice social distancing. Stay Well!

How You Can Help

Become a member!

Simply send in the membership form (found below) with your annual membership fee, and you will be a Friend of Governor Dodge State Park!

Membership Options  
Individual $10.00
Family $20.00
Corporate/Business $50.00
Donation Thank You!



There are many ways to volunteer. We can find a job to fit any size and shape volunteer.

Pitch In at the Park - The second Saturday of every month during the summer. Volunteers come together for volunteer work days to do environmental and natural area restoration projects. Volunteers meet at the park maintenance building at 9:00 AM or otherwise posted. See our calendar for work days.

Pull Garlic Mustard or other invasives - Garlic Mustard is an invasive species that chokes the under story of the forest. By pulling the plants in early spring, we can start to get this menace under control. Other invasives include Sweet Clover, Wild Parsnip, Honeysuckle and Autumn Olive.

Litter Patrol - Wherever you see it, pick it up. The Friends also participate in the Adopt-a-Highway program to control litter on Hwy 23 in front of the park. During the summer, you can ask the park office for reflective vests and trash bags.

Painting - The park always needs things painted and touched up. From picnic tables to sign posts. The park has the paint, they just need a few hands. On occasion, there are signs that need to be painted. This involves painting the white letters and can be done sitting at the shop or even enjoying the view of one of the lakes.

Naturalist Programs - Do you have a passion that you want to share? Consider leading a hike, doing a nature craft on a Saturday afternoon or even a talk at the amphitheater. Contact us or the park if you are interested.

DONATE! - If you are unable to help physically, but would still like to contribute, please consider a donation.

As always, please contact us or see our calendar for more information.

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